Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the view from the shard

i came across this trivia question yesterday: "what is the tallest building in london?"

i tried a couple i thought it might be, but london isn't really known for skyscrapers, so i came up empty. the answer was then revealed to be "the shard." the shard? i thought. that doesn't sound familiar at all.

so i looked it up.
it's that thing. 72 inhabitable floors, panoramic views of the city, the tallest building in the european union. construction began in early 2009; the building officially opened to the public in february of this year.

so, this whole building was built after i was in london. the shard doesn't figure into my memories of london at all. there's a huge part of the london skyline that i haven't seen in person.

this makes me want to cry, and the panoramas i looked up didn't help much, either.

oh well. all of this just means that i need to go back, sooner rather than later, preferably.

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