Thursday, May 2, 2013

today i...

curled my hair for a nine hour car drive. sometimes you just want to look pretty, you know?

ate at miguel's jr. how have i never had a shredded beef burrito before? next time i HAVE to get guacamole. and by next time i mean monday after disneyland.

got a scoop of mint and chip ice cream from rite-aid next to stater bros. memories!

visited with our old across-the-street neighbor and checked out our house. memories!

picked up a dozen donuts from kenny's. pink donuts!

listened to a bunch of cool jams beginning with arcade fire and ending with katy perry. california gurls 4 lyfe.

met up with our california family (some of them--gotta see the rest still!).

this trip is already pretty great, and we still have the beach, the wedding, and the happiest place on earth!

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