Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a memorial day to remember

this post will have little to no pictures, because i am the worst at taking pictures. i am positive i will regret this when i am old and start to lose it. but anyway.

this weekend managed to be both relaxing and action-packed at the same time. we were up in midway, so we were close enough to park city to stop by the outlets, close enough to oakley to have lunch with dad's home-teachees, and close enough to midway town square to partake of the annual memorial day pancake breakfast. and close enough to get home in under an hour.

friday night it was just us girls, which was delightful. we shopped until we dropped, ate pizza, and then watched a chick flick. saturday we met up with the guys to head to oakley, where we had a few rousing ping pong tournaments, ate some delicious food, and enjoyed the scenery. and we watched skyfall that night. sunday we went to church, ate cinnamon rolls, burgers, and deviled eggs, and watched another movie all together. and the kids went down to the tennis courts and hit the ball for awhile, eventually settling on a game of tennis-ping pong when what little actual tennis skill we have pooped out. (and the ping pong version was a lot more fun anyway.) monday we got up early for the breakfast, laid out by the pool, slept, and ate at tarahumara to round out the trip. i've been talking about making sugar cookies for months, so i finally did that, with the assistance of my sisters, while we watched dan in real life. (side note: it's been a few years since i've seen that movie, and i actually really like it. i'm trying to fill in the gaps in my "cherished movies"collection, and this might need to be the next addition. after our early dinner, our two cars went or separate ways.

i love being with my family. i'm glad we still have these times to spend together as an immediate family unit. and it was great to literally unplug and not have the internet to distract me from important things. and being up there makes me really want to live in midway, if only so i that i can have an "assignment" having to do with swiss days. i just really like swiss days, okay? but really, can it be memorial day weekend every weekend?

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