Thursday, May 30, 2013

a brief tribute to alex trebek

my love of jeopardy runs pretty deep. i go through spurts of watching, but i always come back to it. it's been a part of my life for about as long as i can remember, and a lot of my memories are tied up in alex trebek.

before yesterday, when i visited his wikipedia page, my knowledge about alex was limited to what i saw on episodes of jeopardy. just from that exposure, i gathered that he is intelligent, cultured, and genial. if i were ever to appear on a game show, my first choice would be jeopardy, and i would be not a little starstruck if i got to meet alex. but hopefully i wouldn't be weird and awkward like some of those contestants. hopefully i would blow him away with my storehouse of useful and useless knowledge.

anyway, alex trebek is great. a treasure, if you will. a canadian, naturalized-american treasure. let's go to the video.

(apparently some people think he's a jerk--from what i've seen, i obviously do not share that opinion. he's just awesome. and jeopardy is the best too.)

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