Thursday, May 23, 2013

summer of fun/love 2013

this is going to be my last summer in provo, so i've got to make it count. and, berg is living with us, so we should be able to have some fun.
  • have picnics. 
  • outdoor movies.
  • concerts concerts concerts. from taylor swift to the rooftop to stadium of fire to the twilight, this summer should be filled with some pretty good live shows.
  • camping.
  • boating.
  • ride front runner to salt lake.
  • seattle trip.
  • lots and lots of smores.
  • have parties/celebrate life.
  • road trip at least one more time.
  • use the pass of all passes to its fullest potential. 
  • get a tan.
  • write something worthwhile.
  • bbq.
  • dance like no one is watching. 
this is all i can think of right now. anything i should add?

(it's pretty much the best to google random phrases like "summer fun" and just see what images come up. you just have to make sure your search terms aren't scandalous :))

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