Wednesday, May 4, 2011


so apparently i wasn't supposed to get a whole lot of sleep last night.

maybe it was the handful of onion rings i ate at 10pm. maybe it was the fact that i 'm starting my job and am a little anxious. whatever the reason, it just wasn't in the cards for me to have a super restful night. my mind refused to shut off. here's a sampling of my thought process as i was lying in bed trying to go to sleep at 3:30.

my ear hurts a little. what's with that? and the little whistle in my nose is BUGGING ME! hey, i should email carolyn about that thing that happened today. i wish i were in london. oh, i also want to email that missionary boy, but i don't want to bombard his inbox with emails from me. i miss him. a lot. man, i love ikea. i love everything i just got there. maybe i should blog about that, how much i love ikea. yeah, what would it say? (then begin composing blog post). why do i have wicked stuck in my head all of a sudden? i love wicked. i love musicals. maybe i should blog about THAT. (commence composing blog post on musicals). i didn't talk to rebecca at all today. i wonder what she did. i'll text her tomorrow or something. i hope the ward is fun this summer. it should be. oh, i need to print out the lesson for gospel doctrine. zumba is so fun. instructor becky is the best. (try to remember zumba routines; go through them in my head). hey, i just had an idea for an awesome art project! what supplies would i need for said art project? when could i go retrieve said supplies? dang, my ear still hurts. quit it! maybe i should get up and take some advil. maybe i should get up and write a blog post about my insomnia. should i? no, that'll just wake me up more. what time should i go into work tomorrow? what am i going to wear? okay, i'm going to get some advil. WHY ARE NONE OF THESE SLEEP POSITIONS PUTTING ME TO SLEEP???
eventually, i did fall asleep, but it was not very pleasant to wake up. apparently, i do my best blogging when i am in bed. it's actually kind of annoying. but, look forward to those posts in the future. and i am really excited about this art project. maybe i can go get the supplies today...

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