Monday, May 2, 2011

the office: a belated ode

the office...i'm just not sure what to say about it, except that i love it. a lot. i own every season on dvd, i've watched every episode multiple times, i can tell you the name and season from which any scene occurs (for the most part--now somebody's going to want to test me and i'll get one wrong or something). over the past few years, the office has become a huge part of my life, pathetic and weird as that may sound.

seriously, though. if i meet someone who doesn't really like or know the office, i always feel like there is some thing that is holding us back from being really great friends. on the other hand, i feel a kinship toward people who do love and know the office--it becomes something we can bond over. things happen everyday that remind me of something from the office, and if i can't just lean over to the person i'm with and say, hey, haha, remember that thing on the office? this is just like that., i lose something. i sound like i'm being way too serious about it. but anyway.

this last thursday marked steve carell's last episode. while it wasn't as funny as i was expecting it to be, it was still moving and sad. i don't know how it will be without michael scott, but i do know i will keep watching as long as the office is still on the air. after all the years of laughter and tears, i feel i owe it that much.

so, i publish this at the risk of being mocked by those who don't have the same kinds of connections to tv shows or to the office. but i can't deny it. lobe yoy long time, the office.

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