Saturday, April 30, 2011

a modern fairytale, as they're calling it 'round these parts

so, yesterday was the royal wedding. it was incredible. kate looked amazing: her dress was perfect, her makeup flawless, her manner dignified and graceful. she was gorgeous. prince william's deep voice really surprised me. i guess i hadn't heard him speak in a while maybe ever. he looked great too. and don't get me started on harry--totally dreamy.

yeah, so the wedding itself was beautiful and monumental and all i could think about was how cool it will be to watch them as a couple for the rest of their lives (creepy? probably. but i'm sure everyone else was thinking that too.) but the thing that really struck me as i was watching the wedding and all the post-coverage shows with barbara walters/katie couric/clinton kelly from what not to wear/ivana trump (?) was how much william and kate look like they genuinely love each other. the best parts were when they forgot about decorum for a second or two and would just grin at each other. it was so adorable! all those shows had "analysts" like expert lip readers and body language interpreters to tell us that all signs pointed to the two of them loving each other, but it was pretty obvious even without all that "training."

all little girls (for the most part. i won't make a gross generalization here) dream about being a princess, so part of the appeal of the wedding was watching somebody actually become a real life princess and marry her prince charming and have a fairytale wedding. i mean, in some way, that still speaks to me. but, in reality, the fairytale wedding isn't what matters to me. i want to find someone who loves and respects me, someone i can see myself being with for eternity, someone who is okay seeing me without makeup, someone who i can laugh with and cry with and cuddle with and live with without killing each other.

the wedding was amazing. people lined the streets, camping out for days, to catch a glimpse of the bride or the happy couple. really, though, how could you not be so happy for them? they seemed so radiant. if that's not legit, i don't know what is. but anyway, what really made it a fairytale for me was seeing how much they really love each other. that's what i want, and i think we can all have that. i'm not going to give up hope any time soon, even if sometimes i want to. i think there's a fairytale in store for all of the princesses in the world :)

and just because i love them and love this scene:

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