Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tuesday night at the library

we're here under the guise of increased productivity. in reality, we probably are more productive here than we would be at home, where it is easier to get distracted and start long conversations and where you don't get dirty looks if you are laughing loudly (unless the roommates are already abed) (i'm pretty sure "abed" is a word, but just in case it's not and some of you read it as Abed, "abed" can also be "in bed". so there you go.)

after we got here i spent about a half an hour putting together an awesome studying mix on itunes. not a waste of time at all. seriously, though, music is always a big part of my finals week because i have to be on the computer so dang long writing 1000 pages of papers.

well, i should get back to being productive. wish me luck!

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