Monday, April 25, 2011


one writing principle that always seems to plague my students (and many students in general, including myself, sometimes, if we're being really honest, and i hope we are in this forum) is the whole concept of transitions. no piece of writing can function without smooth transitions from one idea to the next.

i wonder if this is why i struggle with them so much in my real life. i know how hard they are to master in writing, but it seems like it is even worse in life.

like, i always feel so weird at the end of a semester. i am usually glad it's over, especially winter because i want/need a break and summer is so awesome and gives me opportunities to wear floppy hats and read whatever i want to (summer book total as of today: 1) and do fun stuff outside. but, the end of a semester means that something has to change. new, exciting things are coming, but something is lost. i'm never going to get back another winter semester 2011 or whatever. and that's weird and a little bit sad.

so, the first couple weeks after a semester ends i feel like i'm in limbo. i'll have to get used to new blood in the ward, a new apartment, new responsibilities and stresses, friends who were always around not being around suddenly (you know who you are), and a whole bunch of free time, at least for awhile. i guess i've just realized that this is something that happens to me: i have to have a mourning period for the semester that is gone, grieve for the time i can't get back, before i can move on and really enjoy what is to come.

acceptance is the first step, right? and, i am pretty much awesome at writing transitions, so maybe i'll get better at dealing with the real ones as time goes on. let's hope, because the biggest transitions are yet to come. yikes, i don't even want to think about that stuff yet :)

also, as i'm writing this, far too late on easter sunday, the rain suddenly came pouring down outside my window. it was glorious. happy easter :)

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