Monday, April 18, 2011

stylewatch: men's edition

when you are a young lady of a certain age, you can't help but notice the style choices that members of the much-debated and (usually) much-admired opposite sex make. you make note of the shoes they wear, the shirts they choose, the ties they rock at church, the way they wear their hair. you are always observing and making entries into a vast internal database which catalogs likes and dislikes for future reference.

over the years, i too have collected such a database. when i see a guy who is displaying a fashion trend i appreciate, he goes up a few points, even if maybe i don't "like" him in "that" way. of course, i have also observed some choices which are more distasteful to me and often work the opposite way.  but, on to the positives.

three piece suits
i used to be more on the lookout for these than i am now, but a three piece suit worn well is...very attractive. it's gotta be the vest. something about it just adds class and dignity and sophistication and hotness. it says, yeah, suits are kind of a pain to wear, but i know they look awesome, so i'm going to add another piece to this ensemble. i am a MAN.

this is zac efron. say what you will about him, he is still an exceptionally attractive man, and look how the three piece ups his attractiveness level. oh wow.

vans are classic. some may say that they are the quintessential skater shoes, and they would possibly be right, but vans have come back into the mainstream. this point is less certain than some others, partly because a lot of guys in general wear vans. they aren't a sure indicator that i would like the guy who is wearing them. but, i like vans, so i generally notice when a guy is wearing them and i might then spend a moment or two considering said guy.

i haven't yet discovered a way that cufflinks can be unclassy. scratch that; i just did a google image search and found some with a skull and crossbones. so, i guess the lesson there is that, if unclassy objects or icons are made into cufflinks, the cufflinks themselves are then unclassy. (i'm using unclassy as if it were a word, but the red squiggle is telling me it isn't. it shou;d be, so i'm going to keep using it.) but, for the most part, cufflinks are very suave, very spiffy, if you will. i like it when guys pay attention to those little details that show they make some kind of effort. and, you can use cufflinks to show your personality. there are guitar picks, transformers, phillips head screws, even darth vader. here is my personal favorite (though there are many awesome ones):

ampersands! how cute!
anyway, cufflinks are cool. i encourage everyone to check them out and guys to invest in a pair. girls go gaga for them.

i was going to go into some of the things i detest, but i should really be working on a paper right now, so i'll have to save that for another day. also, a post and pictures from our weekend adventure in california are forthcoming. happy monday!

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  1. I love three piece suits. They are awesome and sexy. Also, I wear vans :) Not like you should check me out but I am glad I wear something considered cool by you cause you are super trendy and cute all the time.