Monday, April 25, 2011

love for the earth

to celebrate earth day, finishing our papers, and carolyn's upcoming departure (we weren't really celebrating that part, though we pretended we were), we made epic plans for earth day, which included (but were not limited to):
  • not wearing bras and/or wearing no makeup and/or wearing green eyeshadow. in the end, i think we compromised by wearing classy floral prints or shirts that actually said "go green" (note: bras were worn).
  • eating at an "earthy" restaurant: guru's on center street. so delicious. i've been craving their carne asada tacos ever since.
  • making and eating worms and dirt.
  • making and eating rainbow cupcakes.
  • having a slumber party.
  • going to see disney's african cats, only at theaters on earth day. it was SO good. i've never wanted to go to africa so bad in my life. i still think i'm probably too much of a fraidy cat to actually go on a safari, but all of the animals were so amazing. we're still trying to figure out how they got all of the crazy footage they did. say what you will about disney, they do their best to put on a good show. 
  • listen to "earthy" music while preparing above treats for consumption.
we didn't get to do quite everything we wanted to, and the end of the night was pretty sad, though we did have a very productive and very enlightening talk before everyone left, but it was still a pretty great end to the semester. and we have a very long list of stuff we need to do when carolyn gets back, including (but not limited to):
  • having a tea party. theme still to be negotiated (mad hatter? american girl?)
  • having a summer soiree with twinkle lights, sundresses, straw hats, and seersucker.
  • making a music video.
  • going boating.
  • building FORT version 2.0.
  • watching all the movies we ran out of time for this semester. 
i can't wait :) in the meantime, meredith, rebecca, and i will have oodles of fun living in our new places and doing awesome summer things. yay!

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