Tuesday, May 10, 2011

this new little band i happened to discover

that title is somewhat misleading. allow me to explain.

over the past week or so, i've just had this feeling: you need to have more fleetwood mac in your life. completely random, i know, but i think it emerged out of an afternoon i spent researching (read: googling) stevie nicks and kind of just being generally intrigued by her. so, naturally, i had a desire to get into the band that made her famous.

but, i didn't really do anything about it. i mean, it wasn't like i really wanted to buy their whole catalog or something. but then, tonight i watched last week's episode of glee, which was centered around fleetwood mac's landmark album, rumours, circa 1977. i was surprised at how many of the songs featured on glee i actually knew. i guess i have overlooked the mac in some ways because i do associate them so strongly with stevie nicks and her distinctive voice. but i have now learned the error of my ways; i will never forget about lindsay buckingham again.

so, after i watched that episode, which i took as an additional sign that i needed to listen to this classic band, i went straight to itunes and purchased rumours. i know, not as legit as going out and trying to find the vinyl somewhere, but i wanted immediacy. and, the album is awesome. there are a bunch of hits from this album, including "don't stop," "go your own way," and "dreams." i encourage all of you to listen to some fleetwood mac today. put on some platform boots, tease your hair, find a crazy feathered hat, and channel your inner stevie nicks. i know my life is better for having done it :)

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