Monday, May 16, 2011

remembering the little awesome things

in the course of a salt lake shopping trip last month, i saw and thumbed through a copy of this book.

as "awesome" is one of my favorite words (i probably use it too much, in fact), i was immediately intrigued. the things i glimpsed in my brief perusal made me want to buy the book right then, but, alas, i was not willing to shell out the 20 or so bucks it cost at urban outfitters. so, as soon as i got home, i put it in my library queue.

okay, fast forward a little bit. i got it from the library, read it in a couple days, and it was, in a word, awesome. it's everything that i am about: finding joy in the little things, focusing on the seemingly insignificant things that happen everyday and make you inexplicably happy. a sampling of the topics covered in the book:
  • the other side of the pillow (the cool side)
  • hearing someone's smile over the phone
  • finding money you forgot you had in a long-unworn article of clothing
  • inventing new words or phrases with your friends so they only make sense to you
  • getting things in the mail with actual writing on them (go here to see what i've already said about this)
  • car dancing
many of the awesome things pasricha included in his book spoke to me, but the book also got me thinking about what he didn't include, what other things make me super happy, tiny little blips on the radar screen of life. like, drinking fountains. i love drinking fountains. they make me happy. or new pens. or writing pages and pages in my journal. or movie theater popcorn. or singing really loud in my room when no one's home and then dancing like crazy.

anyway, enough with the lists. i love this book. i want to purchase it for real and read the sequel, the book of even more awesome. i loved the 300 and some odd page reminder that, sometimes, the little things are what matter.

what makes your list of awesome?

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