Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mail appreciation :)

there is nothing like getting mail.

i don't know if i really ever appreciated it before i had a legitimate reason to actually check the mail every day. i mean, obviously i love getting packages from amazon or old navy and getting cards on my birthday, especially if they include a little monetary supplement. but, what about good old fashioned letters? letters are awesome. letters are the best.

all of the anticipation and disappointment of carrying the mail key with me and going out to the mailbox as soon as i get home from class only to open the door to bills and junk mail is worth it when i see that thick white envelope with my name on it. that sight alone might just elicit an Irish jig from me, with no regard for the neighbors who could be watching. the waiting kills me, but the payoff is enormous.

i'm also finding that letters can be more personal and more intimate than any other form of communication. there is something about seeing another person's handwriting and feeling the paper they wrote on and the indentations of the pen that you just can't replicate. also, letters can be multimodal/multimedia--text and pictures. (at least, the way my pen pal and i do it, you can.) and you can spend days writing a letter. sometimes with email i feel the pressure of the send button, forcing me to send off the message, maybe before i'm ready to. letters can take as long as you want.

this whole letter-writing thing is making me want to write to everyone, so if anyone wants an awesome letter or note from me, let me know. i'm in the mood for mail.


  1. What's with the whole e e cummings nature of these posts? Is your shift key broken?

    PS. I totally know what you mean by getting packages from Amazon. Sometimes I buy stuff I don't want, let alone need, just to get it in the mail.

  2. You can write me a letter! I get the same feeling, except mostly what comes in the mail for me is bills.....