Monday, March 21, 2011

things i'm looking forward to

i don't really know what this summer has in store for me. i'm not taking any classes, i don't have a job (yet--i will eventually. i hope), i'm not teaching, and several of my friends are leaving town.
in more positive news, summer brings awesome weather, more social activity, and we'll live in a new apartment on the cool side of our complex...also closer to the boys. so hopefully that will be good.
but, meredith and i decided that, since we don't have a plethora of set plans for the long-awaited break, we need to try out a bunch of different hobbies to figure out what we like and then we can do that thing (things?) that we really like for the rest of the summer and have fun using our newfound skillz.
here is a sampling of ideas we have. we want to be busy.
  • cooking. trying out new, awesome, fairly easy, maybe semi-gourmet recipes.
  • headband/hairclip making.
  • writing poems. or novels. or essays. (this might be just me. meredith is often anti-writing.)
  • crossword puzzle construction. (also probably just me)
  • photography? 
  • sewing. this will require lessons from mom. and patience for all involved. sewing lessons have failed in the past.
  • knitting/crocheting. we'll see.
  • flower arranging. love this so much.
  • painting. i already have several canvases stocked up.
  • choreography. we need to hone our dancing skills.
  • learn the guitar.
  • i thought i had another but i think my pool of ideas is dry.
so, hopefully we will have things to do. i plan to have many awesome wares to peddle and skills to brag about and more marriageable marketable traits.

any other ideas?

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