Wednesday, March 30, 2011


this post is pretty straightforward: i love doing the new york times crossword everyday in the daily universe. like, i really love it. too much maybe. it makes me happy. i learn things from it which i can then share with others as the situation presents itself. and present itself it usually does.

today, for instance, in my romantic studies class, my professor said something about the british word "twee," which means childish or pre-pubescent or something like that. i've heard that word before, most recently in the crossword just a couple days ago. so i could say, yeah, twee, you're so right, haha, because of the crossword. i think in some ways it's a cycle, because i am good at crosswords because i do know a lot of random stuff, but i also learn new random stuff because i do the crossword everyday.

my friends can attest to the fact that i have, on occasion, purchased crossword puzzle books, which i complete in spurts when i don't want to do other stuff. i have one that has hundreds of fresh puzzles awaiting me which has been calling my name the past few days. i made an awesome crossword puzzle shirt for halloween a couple years ago, with real clues and real answers. it was one of the coolest things i've ever done. we used to have crossword puzzle parties in sociolinguistics and my senior course, and i may or may not have taken a crossword puzzle book to commencement, though i will say that i never brought it out. really, i didn't.

my goal is to be able to do a whole week of puzzles, from monday to friday, completely--no squares left blank. i can usually get to thursday before i have too much trouble, but friday is dang hard. someday i will get there, though. it's on my list.

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