Saturday, March 19, 2011

a weird week

this past week was crazy busy. usually this type of thing happens at the end of the semester. this go-round, however, had me feeling pre-finals-week-like anxiety in the middle of march. go figure. the bright side of this whole endeavor, which included several trips to the library (which never happens), about 20 pages of writing (not including all the notes i had to take just to be able to start writing), planning a relief society activity, meetings with three different professors, grading papers, and a bunch of other stuff not relating to school or work (read: goofing off because i can't take all day diligence sometimes)...i forgot what the point of that was in the recounting of all the events of the week.
oh yeah. the bright side is that, hopefully, the end of the semester won't be as crazy as usual. in fact, i'm planning on taking a trip to california, land of disney and the oft-dreamed about h&m and sunshine and miguel's jr., during reading days.nbd, as rebecca would say. let's just say i'm ready for a break from the pressure of grad school.
we did still have some good times this week, though. delicious dinner at la jolla groves, concert at sammy's, mustache man sighting, rainbow cupcakes, dinner group, paper composing parties peppered with jokes, poignant life questions, laughter, gun sounds, and youtube videos, and, of course, girl talk (aka talking about boys/love). the one weird thing about the summer will be not having these awesome friends close by anymore. sniff.

in other news, i received a pleasant and very unexpected surprise this week. a paper i wrote for one of my classes last semester won a prize (second prize, to be exact) in a contest to be published in our writing department's online journal about teaching writing at the university. so i get to go to a swanky banquet and accept the prize, which i think has some monetary value, always a plus. so that was exciting. my first thought: hey, this is another line i can add to my résumé!

because spring (sometimes) seems like it is right around the corner, here is one of my favorite flower pictures, featuring one of my favorite flowers, hydrangea. (and yeah, i know it's a little blurry. just deal with it.)

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