Friday, May 27, 2011

late night update

i'm currently up way too late and i don't know why. you know you should be in bed when you type apostrophes instead of actual letters and then your spanish (or spenich, which was what i typed first) keyboard makes the word "currentý". because that makes any type of sense.
but, anyway, i feel like i haven't been giving my blog the attention it deserves/that i think it deserves because i made it and it is my job to give it attention, so here i am at 3 am writing.
one of the hard things about blogging for me is that i tend to feel like i need to compose posts with some kind of point or purpose, like, oh, here's this album i've finally discovered that's kind of changing my life, or, hey, pretty things for you to look at. but the beauty about having my own space to write in is that it is actually my own so i can say whatever i want. and if sometimes i don't feel like writing something super eloquent or finding relevant visual or aural aids, i don't have to. this is exactly how i feel about presenting myself to the world, too. for the most part, i get full-on ready everyday. makeup, cute outfit, accessories, hair, etc. the whole shebang. so, because i make an effort most of the time, i feel i deserve a day every once in a while where i am not expected to look my cutest. so there you have it.
i don't know, i guess i've just been feeling the urge to write something about my life these days. i finished one art project and started another. i love it. i love feeling creative, because it's not something i feel often. i was sucked into planning my future wedding this week. it's pretty bad. but also awesome. i really miss the missionary. grey's anatomy has unexpectedly become a part of my life. i love my family a lot. i found out i get to teach in the summer, which is awesome but a little stressful. something to do. the rain looks like it is stopping which means summer can finally begin.
aahh, i feel better now. i think i needed to purge my thoughts a little bit before i could finally go to bed tonight. sweet dreams :)

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