Thursday, June 2, 2011

only in dreams

this is a topic that has been discussed for centuries, so perhaps it is trite to bring it up now. but it's something that continues to fascinate me.

so, onward. to dreams.

what is the deal with dreams? there is still so much we don't know about our brains and, i think by extension, our subconscious. i'm not sure how we are ever going to know more about the subconscious, since the very word suggests it is below our ability to know. however, it is kind of amazing to me that people are still trying to figure this stuff out after so long. but what, if anything, do dreams mean? why do recurring dreams happen? how come sometimes i dream and sometimes i don't? it's perplexing.

i was telling my mom the other day about how i have dreams (more like nightmares) fairly often about not being able to pack properly. like i can't get everything in my suitcase or everyone is getting ready to leave and i don't have all my stuff packed. it makes me super anxious. usually i wake up and my heart is racing. what is the psychology behind that? i just looked it up, and this website says that dreams about packing, unpacking, and repacking represent chaos in my life. i need to resolve my unfinished business. hmmm. i'll have to think on that one.

sometimes i have dreams about the boys i like, which confuses me. that's the thing about dreams--nobody knows why they happen. according to wikipedia, the fount of all knowledge, some people go the simple physiological route--dreams are just results of some neurological processes still happening as we are asleep. some people (notably, freud) think it's psychological--our dreams are a reflection of our deepest, darkest subconscious desires. but still others give dreams a spiritual meaning, arguing that dreams are messages from god. so, if i'm literally dreaming about a boy, why? are dreams necessarily premonitions, or visions, the more common term in the lds religion? i think no, but how do you know if some are? maybe you just KNOW, like, hey, this seems more legit than that dream where i was sitting in the washing machine looking at the stars.

i guess i still can't come to any real conclusions about dreams and what they really mean. i can speculate all i want, but i think weird dreams are just a part of life. so thanks for letting me talk it out :)

here's are some parting thoughts about dreams and visions. and stevie. (sorry for the picture delay at the beginning)

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