Tuesday, June 7, 2011

it's about time

so, i've been pushing for a new computer for awhile now. i've had my computer since i graduated from high school, and five years is like thirty years in computer age.
my thirst for a new computer was really piqued when i saw this little beauty on walmart.com
i still love it so much. the keys are purple, too. the watercolor, the flowers, the colors. i love it.
but, i let it slip through my fingers. by the time i was serious about getting a new laptop (well, really, by the time my dad was serious about helping me get a new laptop), walmart was all out. alas, i had to start thinking about other options.

so, after some comparison of features, price, and appearance (really the most important thing to me...dad disagrees), we decided on this lovely machine:
the picture is a little blurry, but basically it's a slick charcoal grey. i'm debating whether i want to get a skin to jazz it up a bit. but it is so nice to have everything updated--windows 7, webcam, soon i'll have office 2010. i'm dying to use powerpoint 2010 for my summer lesson plans.

so, thanks for the new computer, dad! i love it!

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