Saturday, June 25, 2011

the doctor is in

i tried to resist it at first. i refused to buy in to something that looked like an amalgamation of many things that i do not like: science fiction, aliens, time travel. but, eventually i listened to my friends and my curiosity won out. and i realized that it actually had a lot of things that i love: british things, witty guys with accents, literary references, love stories.

so, i became a doctor who fan. i still don't love all the alien stuff, and sometimes it is kind of scary, like i wouldn't want to watch certain episodes alone at night. and i hate the daleks. they annoy the crap out of me.but  the things that made an impact on me with doctor who weren't the specific stories, for the most part, like which alien species is threatening all of humanity in this episode. what i love are the relationships and their progressions. the doctor and rose tyler (played by billie piper, which is my favorite british name to say, ever.) rose and mickey. the doctor and martha. the doctor and donna. donna and her grandfather. the doctor and the master. the doctor and amy pond. amy and rory. rory and the doctor. the doctor and river song. all of it is so great!

but, david tennant. be still my heart.

for a long time his was the face that greeted me when i opened a mozilla browser. he's skinny and goofy, but he's also scottish, he has great hair, and he was even in a harry potter movie. as far as icons go, it doesn't get much better than that. his tenure as the doctor set the standard for every other doctor past and future. i bawled (no, really) during his final episode...and the behind the scenes documentary.

because i love david tennant so much, i wasn't sure about the new guy, matt smith. but just look at him!
actually, he really can look pretty weird sometimes, but most of the time he just looks mysterious and awesome. and attractive. he's always asserting that "bow ties are cool." i'm not sure if i can say for certain that i like him more than david tennant, but there is a distinct possibility that i will come to think that.

so, doctor who is pretty great. if you don't like science fiction and aliens, watch it for the witty writing and interesting relationships. if you like science fiction and aliens, why haven't you seen it yet?!

i can't wait until i can start watching series 6 on netflix. i need to catch up!

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  1. I love Doctor Who. I also was unsure about Matt Smith but I do like that he wears a bow tie and that he thinks fezzes are cool :)