Thursday, June 9, 2011

i'm seeing a pattern

so, i recently joined this fairly new site, pinterest. i'm not sure how to describe it except as a style and idea clipboard. you "pin" the pictures and ideas you like into "pinboards" for different categories. like i have one for a future wedding and one for things that depict my style right now. i guess pinterest is just a place to keep all your inspiration together and to find more cool things. i also have boards for future art projects and yummy-looking things to try sometime.
anyway. i've realized that there are some things that i'm definitely obsessed with, because every time i see them i either pin them or think, ooh, that is so great. i love it.
for example:



     black and white


grey and yellow



damask and toile

 if only i could actually have all of this stuff instead of just looking at it longingly. like i said, people put up a bunch of recipes and craft projects on pinterest, though, so i am getting some practical use out of it. i think tonight i'm going to make a chick-fil-a chicken tenders using a recipe i pinned to my "make it" board. and, i guess even if i can't have all of these amazing things, at least i can identify what i like and what i don't. then, maybe someday.

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