Friday, June 24, 2011

mi familia

i think i'm pretty lucky to have such a great family. of course, we all get on each other's nerves sometimes, and i don't think i would go back to living at home, but, for the most part, we really love spending time with each other. i hope it stays like that when we all get married and have families of our own and move away. but i feel like i should tell a few things about why i love each member of my family. this reminds me of christmas time, when my mom is bugging me to write the family christmas letter so she can mail it out and i have like seven papers to write and twenty papers to grade, but now i guess i'm doing it of my own free will.

dad: he never met a pun he didn't like. we can laugh for hours, and i love that i got that sense of humor from him (not that mom isn't's just in a different way). but he can also turn any situation into a teaching moment. sometimes this seems tiresome, but it's actually pretty awesome. and he always turns to the lord in everything.

mom: she always says, hi court!, when i call her, whether it's been a few days or a few hours. she always thinks the best of me even when i know i haven't actually been my best. she taught me how to be courteous and considerate and how to keep a household. she buys baby clothes and keeps them in a closet in our house. she is really crafty, and, even though i don't sew like she does, i like to think i got that from her, at least a little bit.

meredith: when we fight or have some stupid disagreement, pretty much the next time we talk everything will be normal. we can look at each other and know what we're thinking. she makes dinner and drives when i don't want to. she doesn't know how goofy she looks doing zumba (i probably look just as goofy if i'm being totally honest). she has self-control and can actually save her money.

bergen: she loves to read as much as i do. she has taught herself to play the piano like a beast and she's getting good enough to be my accompanist, which has been my life goal (to have a piano-playing sibling so i don't have to bug someone else every time i want to sing). she does cute side buns of which i am jealous.

carter: he has one of the quickest wits of anyone i know. he is one of the cool kids but he still wants to hang out with his lame cool older sisters, and he still lets us call him little buddy. he always knows the latest music. he showed me keyboard cat. i can go to him with any sports-related question and he will know the answer (when is the nba draft? how did that whole byu-going-independent thing go down? he always knows!).

my family is awesome. how great is it that we get to spend eternity together someday? i'm sure there'll be a heavenly dinner table that we'll be sitting around, cracking jokes and telling stories.

**also, i was going to put pictures with this, awesome pictures of us, but i don't feel like getting on my old computer to get the pictures. i need to buy an external hard drive, stat, so i can transfer everything over. but, anyway, maybe someday i'll do a family picture post.

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