Sunday, June 19, 2011

school's back in for summer

school starts tomorrow. at 8am. i don't wake up before 8am. hardly ever. last semester when i was relief society president and had meetings every sunday at 8 i almost died. i was never late, and i was still completely primped and primed, but it wasn't easy. so, i know this term is going to be something of a challenge for me.

i had every intention of coming home from our father's day celebration tonight and getting my lesson plan ready and going to bed super early to make sure i got enough rest for class tomorrow. i mean, i want to set the example to my students--this may be too early to get up and be functioning in the summer, but we're here to work. i mean business! i guess i still intend to do that tomorrow, but all of my plans kind of went out the window when i got on the computer. i've been internet deprived this weekend, though it was somewhat self-inflicted, and there was stuff to catch up on, dang it! and now i'm blogging. but i'm still hopeful that i will be in bed dreaming of new students and worrying about how i'm going to cram three papers and a group project into seven weeks fairly soon. i've taught this stuff twice before; you'd think i'd have it pretty much down by now.

also, i think the keyboard on my new laptop is a little bit more spacious than my old one. i feel like i can't type or something; i keep missing keys and spelling things wrong. double letters (or leters) are especially troublesome. hopefully i'll get used to it soon. also (again), i just installed microsoft office 2010--exciting! i think i am way more excited about this than i probably should be, but i can't wait to use powerpoint and actually have some cool, modern-looking templates to apply! my students are going to be blown away!

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