Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nothing to report, really

if i haven't blogged in about a week, i start to feel like the blog is pointless. so, here i am trying to validate the existence of this thing.

(okay. i'm sitting at my desk in my apartment with the window wide open because it is super hot upstairs in my house, and that stupid car alarm is going off again!! it's so annoying! i've heard it at least a couple times everyday for the past three days. whomever (correct usage--object of a preposition--though i'm not following the dumb rule that you can't end a sentence with one) it belongs to needs to find a new alarm that isn't so sensitive. what could be setting it off all the time? the wind?)

anyway. i've been reading a lot, as is my custom, and all of the books have been quality pieces. also, for some reason, a lot of them have been multiple perspective narratives, for some reason, which is respectable, because i think those are generally harder to write well. the last few books i've read have also, appropriately, focused a little bit on writing. i'm almost done with the help by kathryn stockett, and one of the characters writes her prayers everyday, mostly so she would be able to continue her education after leaving school. but all that writing throughout her life has actually made her an eloquent and honest writer.

the other day i finished the distant hours by kate morton. i'm kind of in love with her style. she is a beautiful writer, though, after reading all three of her novels, i am noticing a lot of similarities that i'm not sure are totally healthy. but anyway. the whole story centers on writing and storytelling, and one character learns that good writing is often simply writing what you see and describing the way you experience things.

i guess all of this is just to say that i've got the writing bug again. i tried it a few years ago and it didn't work, but i just keep going back to it. writing is something i'm passionate about, though not always in the academic sense (obviously), and i think i really need to give the old college try. (i think that's the first time i've ever used that phrase in seriousness.) good thing i'm already registered for a creative writing workshop :)

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