Saturday, July 2, 2011

babies and such

today we got to go over and see our friend rebecca's brand new baby, annie, who is just ten days old. who would ever pass up a chance to hold a sweet little baby?

she was adorable and totally ready for the fourth with her summery white eyelet dress and teeny red hair bow. at one point while i was holding her i looked down and she had her eyes closed with this huge gummy grin on her face. so cute!

but anyway, this post isn't just about how cute and awesome babies are. i was struck as i was looking at this new, perfect baby by how amazing the whole process of life is. a few months ago, annie looked nothing like she does now, and in a few more months and years, she'll be even more different. right now she has everything she needs to be a physically functional person, like all of her fingers and toes and ears and lungs, but she'll learn so much as she gets older that will help her to be a good person. how cool is it that we grow and change throughout our lives? i mean, i can't believe how different my younger siblings are now, as they are entering young adulthood, than they were just a few years ago. i, for one, was really dorky and awkward a few years ago, so it's good for me that we learn and mature and generally (hopefully) get better as we get older.

i just can't imagine how incredible it will be to someday have my own children, my own little people that i will get to watch grow up and experience the world and figure out how to make their own way in it. it reminds me of those dedicated mothers of "african cats," layla and sita (everyone should see that movie if they haven't yet).

it's something to look forward to, anyway :)

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