Thursday, July 21, 2011

much deserved harry potter post

so, it's over, i guess. and it's taken me a few days to write this post, maybe because i've been in denial. (or maybe because i've just been busy doing other things.)

anyway. i saw the last movie on friday afternoon with little bro carter, which was lovely, because we both love HP and we didn't even have to stay up until all hours of the night and suffer from (further) sleep deprivation. i do wish berg could have come though--dang girl's camp! i pretty much knew i was going to lose it through the course of the movie. and i did. as soon as harry and the gang stepped back into hogwarts for the big search and battle, i was a goner. i bawled through the rest of the movie.

i've talked to some people since friday, though, and they were saying that this last movie didn't have as much of an emotional pull on them, or at least that, if they did have an emotional reaction, it was based on their own feelings about the series, not necessarily how the movie was making them feel. i guess that's a valid point. much of my reaction was based on how much i love harry potter and how crazy it is that i've basically grown up with it and now these kids are all grown up too and now it's over. but then i realized that i don't really care if it was the movie or if it was just me. the movie and the series are still awesome, and i don't think my feelings are going to change all that much even without the buildup of seeing the last movie on its opening day.

thinking about harry potter over the last couple weeks has reminded me just how great literature is and how much i love it. i mean, specifically, i love harry potter. (have i said that already?) j.k. rowling is amazing and i want to meet her someday. and i'm interested to see what will go down and come out with this whole pottermore thing. but, in general, how awesome is it that a series of books inspired all of this craziness? literature can do pretty amazing things. i know that my kids are definitely going to be reading harry potter.

another plus is that, after i watched all the movies, my thoughts were totally in a british accent. gotta love it!

and look how crazy this is!

they were so adorable and little, and now they're all big and grown up. i hope they all turn out okay and don't do dumb stuff. because that would be sad.
and, the biggest surprise of all: neville is hot! who would have thought he would be the most attractive of the hogwarts guys?

wow. i have a newfound love for neville. although he is pretty great in the last book. and i'm glad the movie kinda hooked him up with luna at the end. they are both awesome.

so, even though the last movie is out and everything is technically "over," i for one am not going to let harry potter mania die. people are still going to have to listen to me talk about the books and the movies and how much i love them and how awkward daniel radcliffe is whenever he kisses anybody.

thanks for the memories, j.k.

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  1. Haha, "how awkward Daniel Radcliffe is whenever he kisses anybody" true! I love him, and I really respect him as a person, but that is so true! Poor guy.