Monday, July 25, 2011

i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike

i can't ride a bike. i maybe shouldn't be making this so public since i often use this as one of those "two truths and a lie" statements that could possibly stump someone, because how often do you come across a 23 year old girl who can't ride a bike?

but i digress. i've never had a desire to ride a bike, especially after that incident where i was riding down the slightly-sloped sidewalk in front of our house and my chain fell off and i didn't know what to do and i just kept going faster and faster until i ran into our neighbor's van which was parked out into the sidewalk. and then i was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it so it seemed like i just inexplicably left the world of bicycling and never looked back. my mom used to ask me what i would do if, at some point in the future "at college," some boy wanted to take me on a bike-riding date. and i said, well, i wouldn't go on a date with that boy, then. because why would i want to date some bike fanatic if i can't ride a bike? i was also skeptical that such things as "bike dates" actually existed.

in the past few months, though, i've felt a growing desire to get back on the bike. i'm not sure why. seriously, i've never felt like anything was ever missing in life due to my lack of bike skills. but now i'm feeling it. i want a cute little beach cruiser with a basket that i can ride through the streets of provo. i guess i want to become one of those bike people that i have thus far scorned.

my one stipulation is that i don't really want anyone to teach me. i just want to get access to a bike and go somewhere secluded and teach myself. i know if someone tried to teach me one or both of us would get frustrated and embarrassed (well, probably i would get embarrassed) and it would once again turn me off to two-wheelers. i think i could catch on and teach myself if i just had some time. so if anyone has a bike they'd like to donate to my cause for a few hours one day, let me know.

so there you have it, world. you got me. i want to be a bike rider.

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