Thursday, July 7, 2011

revisiting a beloved childhood movie

i've had "a little princess" in my netflix queue for awhile now, and, since i'm bad at sending my discs back, i hadn't looked at it in a few months before last week. so when i went on to check my queue and remove some stuff (since doctor who series 5 is on watch instantly :)), i noticed that that movie is now available to watch online too.

i vividly remember watching "a little princess" when i was younger. it wasn't one that was basically on a loop in our vcr, like "the little mermaid", but i definitely remember thinking it was beautiful, magical, and also very heart-wrenching. if you aren't familiar with the story, originally a book by frances hodgson burnett, take a look at the wikipedia page, though apparently the book differs in a couple key ways from the movie.

so anyway, last night i decided i was going to watch it, and, as it had been a few years (the last time i remember watching this movie i was just about to go babysit and had been bawling by the end when the mom picked me up...a little embarrassing.), it was interesting to watch with a few new insights.

first, sara is all about imagination. she is a really good storyteller and befriends all the girls in her school through her stories. miss minchin, the mean headmistress, keeps telling her that the real, cruel world (it does take place during world war I, i guess) has no place for imagination and fancy. but sara knows that isn't true. in fact, using her imagination is how she makes the best of the cruelties of life.

also, sara is always talking about how all girls are princesses. how awesome is that? when she first comes to school, she looks like a princess; she has fine clothes and toys and her own huge suite. but later, when she has almost nothing, she still believes she is a princess and acts like it. not in a spoiled way, though. she treats people kindly (when they deserve it) and doesn't discriminate for dumb reasons like skin color or looks.

and, of course, i was bawling by the end. this really is such a great movie and i can't believe i forgot about it for so long. i think i need to add this to the list of movies my kids need to see, along with old school nineties disney and newsies. i highly recommend it. now i think i need to go out and get the book :)

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