Tuesday, July 26, 2011

not sure if this really warrants a good title

i'm in the mood to blog, so i figured i would just jot down a couple of the things i've been thinking about/doing in the past couple of days.

yesterday and today we had a massive harry potter marathon. we started the first movie yesterday morning at 10 and finished the last movie in the theater today at 6:30 pm. it was awesome. i probably won't watch any movies for the next few days, but it was pretty cool to, one right after the other, see all the movies and how the actors change and what becomes more relevant later on. and the last movie was just as good the second time. i pretty much want to watch it everyday. i'm still not ready to quit harry potter mania. so i won't for a few more weeks.

i finally finished grading rhetorical analyses. nothing more to say about that. on a related note, only two more weeks of class this summer term.

as my post on saturday intimated, i taught on sunday about the resurrection, and it reminded me how amazing the second coming will be. even more incentive to do what i'm supposed to be doing here.

and, finally, here's what i'm listening to right now.

good night :)

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