Friday, November 4, 2011

BLAST! from the past

when we were awesome and used to get annual passes to disneyland and disney's california adventure, my favorite attraction, as they call them down there, was BLAST!, an amazing musical extravaganza that played four or five times daily at the hyperion theater in california adventure.
i loved BLAST! because

a) i love music and people who make beautiful music accessible and fun,
b) i basically love anything disney, and
c) there was this very attractive, very talented trumpeter, zak, who was featured in the show. and i loved him as well.

therefore, i have very fond memories of BLAST!. if we didn't go see it on a trip to the parks, i was bummed. if we did go see it and zak wasn't there, i was really bummed.
anyway, all of this is leading up to the fact that tuesday night we went to see a touring production of BLAST! in salt lake. the show at california adventure was abbreviated, but one other time, that one time i visited my relations in texas, we went to see the full-length show and it was fantastic, even without zak.
anyway, tonight's show brought back all of those memories, from california adventure and texas and watching the vhs over and over and listening to ravel's epic "bolero," the opening number of the show.

i would add more videos, but you can youtube it at your leisure. BLAST! is awesome, and it always will be, zak or no zak. thanks for hearing about the show mom!

(p.s. another side effect of this trip to salt lake, more specifically kingsbury hall on the university of utah campus, was that i...kind of liked the campus. i love byu and will always be a cougar, but we don't really have beautiful old buildings and a true college town feel. so, i don't know how to feel about that. is another degree in my future?)

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