Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a halloween adventure

i may or may not have already talked about this on my blog before. i cannot remember, but i'm not sure why i would have written this particular thing. in any case, halloween is my favorite day on byu campus. i love seeing what people are daring enough to wear to school. the costumes that especially make me giggle are the ones that i know the person will have to remove in order to sit down comfortably in class. por ejemplo:
--the "loan sharks" that were terrorizing campus last year. i think those costumes were a non-fabric and therefore unsittable material.
--anything with sandwich boards announcing what your punny and clever costume idea was.
--and, the grand-daddy of all costumes with mandatory-removal clauses (and also the best costume i have ever seen on campus and, possibly, in the world), a tetris piece. specifically, this tetris piece.
except upside down, so the person inside the giant l-shaped tetris piece was wearing the bottom of the l on their head. they had made provisions for vision in the form of a small mesh screen where their eyes presumably gazed out from the cardboard fortress, but there were no provisions for sitting, which seems like an important provision to provide for. anyway, aside from that, this was the best costume ever. this person even had the tetris music playing somewhere inside the suit, so that just when i was thinking that this ensemble would be made by a rendition of the classic tetris theme, i heard the faint strains wafting from underneath the heavy cardboard. i was giggling for the rest of the day.

this year, sadly, i didn't really see any awesome costumes, particularly any that would require classroom removal, though i did hear the sexy sax man roaming around campus.

so anyway, i thought halloween was going to be a dud.

but then.

our home teacher came over and said we were going to go to his cabin up the canyon to watch a scary movie. perfect end to a weird halloween! it was a lot of fun, even though i do not normally do scary movies, as i said in a previous post. i was screaming my head off, and i think i had my eyes closed for half the movie. still awesome.

all in all a good halloween.

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