Thursday, November 17, 2011


yesterday i ran into a long lost friend--the guy who sits at a desk outside our graduate offices playing some kind of multiplayer online video game and who every so often yells things out of nowhere. i haven't heard that guy all semester! i had to chuckle when i heard him back there behind me, playing his game with his buddies as always, making a comment about seeming nonsense.

hottub wednesday is a good tradition. it is always an experience. last night we had the glenwood jacuzzi all to ourselves for a few minutes, and i think good conversations were had by all. except for a few awkward/one-sided ones that we will try to avoid in the future.

i feel like i'm getting too old for byu. maybe not too old, but many of the things that used to make me really happy about byu, like going to football games or just being on campus with my fellow students, don't really make me happy anymore. i don't know what to do about this.

after six years, i'm still not sure i know how to do "research". and that is still a problem.

no-shave november is one of the best things happening right now. post forthcoming.

that is all for now. all that i feel like sharing, that is.

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