Monday, November 28, 2011

thankful: part final

this is the part that should have come on thursday but didn't because i was too busy enjoying family and food and friends.

so, here we go. i am thankful for stuffing. it is the most delightful of the thanksgiving foods. i am thankful for little girls and the way they dance around the living room and sing at the top of their lungs. i am thankful that i was born at the time i was and to the family i was and in the place that i was. i am thankful for nail polish, especially the lovely lavender i am currently sporting. i am thankful for warm blankets and beds and coats and socks and houses. i am thankful for neuro-opthalmologists and the crazy things they do. i am thankful for my senses, especially my eyes, and that i can read and write and watch things. i am thankful for my education and the things i am learning, both about my subject and, more often, about myself. i am thankful for oreo concretes from nielsen's frozen custard. i am grateful for my sisters and my brother and for long car rides with them and all of our family jokes and puns and long talks on the couch or in my room or around mom and dad's bed as we are supposed to be saying family prayer. i am thankful for mom and her advice and her amazing cooking and how we can call her about anything domestic and she always has the answer.
i am thankful for the savior and for the extra reminders i get at this time of year, but i am especially thankful that i have a knowledge of Him that can be with me throughout the year.

there are so so so many more things. i am so blessed, and i am thankful for the things i have. i hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

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