Thursday, November 24, 2011

thankful: part three

i am grateful for days of rest. i planned on grading a bunch of issues papers yesterday (i still plan to finish them this weekend--no more of this taking-a-month-to-grade stuff), but instead i raked the leaves with the siblings, went to see the help at the dollar twenty-five theater, ate a roast beef sandwich and frozen custard, read some food essays, took a nap, played with the little girls, went to target, bought some new moccasins and a thermal shirt, watched cars 2, which i thought was pretty cute, made myself a late night egg salad sandwich, and went to sleep with two little girls on my floor. i did hardly anything productive, but it was a much needed break from the weightier matters of life, namely school, boys, and the glove game.

i'm also grateful for a warm, cozy place to live and sleep. i know i am blessed to have those things when so many people don't. i love my bed a lot, well, both of my beds, and i have other warm things that are awesome, too. so, i'm grateful that my family has the means to provide for me.

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