Wednesday, December 21, 2011

if i were getting anything besides money this christmas...

not that i'm not grateful for the money. i am. i'm grateful to get anything, really. but if there were packages waiting for me under the tree, i would want these lovelies to be in them.

amazon, $61
coach poppy flower perfume. i'm in need of a new scent, and this one has caught my nose.

j.crew, $128 (so, unattainable :))
let's face it: i need a pair of ruby slippers at some point in my life. why not now?

ross-simons jewelry, $a lot.
turquoise and rhinestones. yes please. also, from an estate collection, so extra cool.

amazon, $varying.

opi russian navy matte nail lacquer. tried to buy it over thanksgiving and the wrong one came. still want it. will get it eventually.

we'll see.

kate's paperie, $17.99.
rainbow writing tools.

return trip to london. if only...

prince design UK,, $22.
this adorable little dish i found on etsy.

amazon, $13.59.

i've had my eye on this for a while now. i might just buy it after christmas :)

a.heirloom, etsy, $40.
a sweet cutting board in the shape of the state of my choice. which would i choose?

farberware, amazon, $32.
and, a last minute addition fueled by my realization that a lot of yummy things (read: chocolates and the like) require the use of a double boiler. if i had one, i wouldn't have to turn away from above yummy recipes in tears and frustration.

there you have it. merry christmas shopping!

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