Friday, December 2, 2011

stylewatch: fifties edition, with perhaps some sixties thrown in for good measure

one of my favorite movies of all time is white christmas, the old one with bing crosby and rosemary clooney. a couple weeks ago, i saw the byu production of the broadway musical version. it was great, the music was awesome, but it didn't quite live up to my expectations, bred from years of watching and loving the original.

anyway, all of this is leading up to a discussion of the clothes. always, the clothes. i have long appreciated the style of the original white christmas, and the musical version was no different. i have often thought that i should have been born during this time period because the clothes are so delightful. feminine, flattering, tailored, beautiful.

and here is the proof.

floaty, pink, full skirt--perfect for dancing around the pier. or wherever they're supposed to be.
i wish this was in color because she is wearing this great red belt to accessorize the full black and white checked skirt.
looooooove this dress. so elegant. and it fits her perfectly.  
and, because i didn't end up buying the banana republic mad men dress that i wanted and i am still feeling the pangs of non-buyer's remorse, here is a sample of the clothes from mad men, which is set in the 1960s.

once again: tailored, beautiful fabrics, prints, colors
so, there you have it. my preoccupation with these eras will probably continue, so i might update this in the future. but for now, i will pine outside of my blog.

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