Thursday, December 15, 2011

life these days

it's five o'clock on the thursday of finals week and i have little left to do. certainly nothing stressful, whcih is nice. i got all of that over with by tuesday at two in the afternoon.

so, this week has turned out to be more mellow than previous finals weeks, at least in my experience. we've had a sleepover (under the mistletoe, i could add) every night, i unwound from a crazy day with the resurrection of hot tub tuesday, i went to a dance party, i've eaten good food (thai, sub, costa, ice cream), and i've watched several episodes of parks and rec, each of which made me laugh heartily.

on;y a couple more things to take care of and i'm (semi) carefree until the new year. there is that little issue of my thesis, but that will get done. please hope it gets done.

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