Saturday, December 3, 2011

when i rule a world: a partial list

there will be drinking fountains everywhere, so that you come upon them even more frequently than you do now. and they will be in europe, because that was maybe the thing i missed most about america. said drinking fountains will also dispense cold cold water, as cold as the water in the drinking fountain in the rb that i crave and visit several times during zumba.

guys and girls will be able to talk to each other frankly about dating/being interested in one another. no more of this uncertainty that causes so much discomfort and awkwardness. people will go on dates and not feel pressure to get married or even just "like" each other, like "like like" each other, if you catch my drift. then, it seems to me, things will happen organically and perhaps without all the heartache of not knowing what the heck is going on in his mind.

chocolate will be considered a fruit and/or vegetable.

mandatory impromptu slow dances will happen throughout the day and night. when you hear the melodious strains of such classic slow jams as k-ci and jojo's "all my life" or lonestar's "amazed" or, best of all, daniel bedingfield's "if you're not the one", find a partner and cozy up.

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