Tuesday, December 20, 2011

resolution for the new year: on creativity

these days my thoughts are straying ever farther from academia and ever closer to creation. and by creation i mean creating things. with my hands and my mind.

i feel an almost constant desire to be making things. i want to put things out into the world that have been made by me. i want to write essays all the time, about the things that make me think and the beautiful things i see and the funny things that happen in life. i want to record and make lovely music that will make people happy. i want to craft and have an etsy store and create headbands and pendants and typography and ceramic knick knacks and crocheted hats and other clever and gorgeous things. i want to do art projects with paper and fabric and glue guns and paint and glitter and buttons and ceramic tiles and lace. (let's see how many times i can use the word 'ceramic' in this post, shall we?) i want to blog. i want people to see my blog.

i discovered this blog and etsy shop today (while i was pinterest-stalking my secret gift exchange recipient, actually) and it is just one of the things that has inspired me recently. the blogger, melissa, has this gorgeous print in her shop, and the sentiment is one that hit me especially hard.

so, i'm resolving to do that, even if it isn't technically resolution time yet. i want to be doing creative things that will make me, and hopefully other people, happy. time to put my pinterest boards and my inspiration notes to good use.

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