Tuesday, August 7, 2012

some thoughts on adventure

i've never really considered myself an adventurous person. i'm not the girl who tries longboarding to impress the guys or who will plan a super spontaneous trip to vegas just because we all have a free weekend. i don't try exotic drinks--people are always getting me to try exotic drinks, and i should in the name of being adventurous, but then i just can't do it. i mean, it even took me about five minutes yesterday just to get up the courage to attempt a cartwheel.

and then there are the adventures you see in movies--international spies being chased across europe, using a different identity at each stop, having shoot outs and car chases and love affairs in each city. or the adventures that involve some kind of elaborate puzzle or cracking an ancient code and traveling to rome and paris and finding the holy grail buried underneath the pyramid at the louvre or staying in america and discovering a treasure map on the back of the declaration of independence and finding love along the way. adventures of these kind mean travel to exotic locales and being involved with all sorts of interesting and sometimes dangerous people.
i don't typically go on those types of adventures, the type that everyone thinks about. so,


except that maybe it does. maybe courtney does equal adventure, and i've just been thinking about it all wrong. 

because maybe, with the right attitude, anything you do can be an adventure. maybe going to the grocery store can be an adventure (i know it can--anyone who has ever been to the provo smith's after midnight, especially if it's the saturday night before fast sunday, knows what i'm talking about.)  maybe going on a morning jog can be an adventure. maybe reading on the front porch can be an adventure. 

i hadn't thought much about this before, but then i had a couple friends who were always talking about "going on adventures," which i thought was interesting, but then i realized they were talking about the things they did everyday, the normal things that just happened to happen to them in the course of a day. and that got me to thinking--what's to stop me from treating everyday like an adventure? and then i thought again, nothing!

so there you have it. everyday is an opportunity to have a great adventure. and i've realized that i need to find someone who sees life like that as well. because then we can have amazing adventures together, and then we can have amazing adventures with our children and show them how beautiful and magical life can be. doesn't that sound delightful?

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