Tuesday, August 14, 2012

that dream again

i've talked before about how i have this dream sometimes, the one where i am packing for a trip and i'm super stressed. i'm late for my plane and i haven't packed at all, or i'm at the airport and i realize i have all sorts of liquids and other contraband items in my carry-on, or i can't close my suitcase because it's too full and i don't want to leave any of the six pairs of shoes i'm bringing. in the dream i'm a frantic mess, running around stressed out of my mind trying to figure everything out. these dreams always feel really real and i wake up in a panic.

last night i had a packing dream again. i was at the airport and i had some problems with my carry-on. this time, though, i calmly went through my bag, throwing away everything i couldn't take on the plane. i pulled out my bottle of caladryl lotion (it's obvious that mosquito bite season is upon me when i'm dreaming about calamine), looked at it, decided i could just buy a new bottle, and threw it in the trash. same with my full size scissors (?), hairspray, fingernail clippers, and perfume. i just looked at all of those items, knew i could replace them fairly easily, and disposed of them.

maybe this means i'm starting to figure things out at this point? some of the stresses that have been plaguing me are starting to dissipate? this is a brief period of calm before a whole new set of stormclouds rolls in? this is a false sense of security?

whatever it is, i'm at least glad i didn't have another really frantic dream. someday maybe i'll actually get on the plane and have a fun trip.

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