Monday, August 20, 2012

what i've learned the past couple weeks

i posted early a couple weeks ago about how i need to find a job. i've been feeling the pressure all summer, but that week it all came to a head and i knew i needed to actually get on it.

dad knew it too, because he called me on sunday and put me on THE PLAN. those who have been in the employ of my dad know all about THE PLAN. basically, this just means that i have to actually make a plan, any kind of plan at all, which consists of me figuring out what i'm interested in and looking for jobs and putting out some feelers. over the summer, i knew what i had to do, but a potent mix of fear and laziness kept me in this perpetual state of obliviousness regarding a job.

so, i got to work. i sent out some applications, i made a list of possible jobs, i emailed the writing department secretary to see if i could possibly teach writing 150 again. and, blessing of all blessings, i worked everyday at the bridal store, which meant i had some cash flow to tide me over for a few weeks.

on thursday, i got the email: i could teach a section of 150 again.

while this is only a temporary solution (i mean, i still need to figure out what i'm doing with my life for reals), it does relieve a lot of pressure. and, even better, i found out this last friday that i am teaching another section , which is even more awesome.

what have i learned the past couple weeks? first, THE PLAN works. it worked on a smaller scale for me this time, but i know it can work on a larger scale as well. for instance, my friend was vicariously living THE PLAN as i was working it, and the same week i found a job, he accepted a for reals job, like one that could lead him to his career. so, THE PLAN is pretty good stuff. second, i learned/remembered that miracles can happen. it was no coincidence that i was able to work that whole week and actually make money when i was not planning to. i know that all of these things happen for a reason. and third, i am so grateful that i'm not alone in all of this. my parents are thinking about me, my friends and family are thinking about me, and Heavenly Father is definitely thinking about me. and, although i know that things don't always work out so smoothly, quickly, or perfectly, i am really grateful that this was resolved so nicely.

life is pretty darn good.

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  1. Life may be "pretty darn good". But YOU are "pretty darn" AMAZING! You're right, its not luck or an accident that you are teaching two sections and getting extra work in the bridal store. Try not to stress too much. Your cheese has been moved and it will all work out, line upon line. I think you're "pretty darn" awesome. There are great things in store for the you. You are so gifted!