Friday, February 22, 2013

days of my life

so, nothing super momentous happened on my birthday. i forgot about my birth moment while we were at dinner, i just stayed home and watched a movie after dinner and dessert, and no party or anything, which was kind of how i was feeling. it was a good day, though. it made me think (again, just two months after the new year) about the things i want to do better at 25.

birthday dinner at bombay house. always delicious and always a good time.

i've had a cold building for weeks now. it hasn't been too bad, just enough to keep my energy level a little bit lower than usual. but yesterday (the day after my birthday, luckily), the real cold hit. runny nose, stuffy nose (how can your nose be both runny AND stuffy? i don't get it.), slight fever, headache, sore throat, cough. so that's fun. i stocked up on day/nyquil and nasal spray (is nasal spray gross to other people? it's always been a staple in our house. also, am i feeling especially parenthetical today?) to get me through the weekend.

last night bergen, meredith, and i went to the cougarettes concert. i have loved the cougarettes for a long time, probably because they are so beautiful and i wish i had lovely dancing skills. my freshman year, i took a dance class, and one of the assignments was to go to a dance performance and write about it. so, naturally, i went to see the cougarettes perform, my first time seeing them outside of athletic events, where they are still awesome, but not quite as awesome. anyway, i was blown away. the dancing was so beautiful--there are pieces from that concert that i still remember. i've tried to go the concert every year since then, even if that means i have to go by myself because no one else can go with me. last night's concert was also amazing. so amazing, in fact, that i convinced mom to come down tomorrow night to see it with me again. lame? maybe. do i care? nosiree.

all in all, life is still pretty good. happy friday!

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