Wednesday, February 13, 2013

late night text

last night at 12:49 am, i received this text message from a 213 number:
hey mark, here is the site i was telling you about last night i've already made $340 so far today. see you saturday.
 i get texts from solicitors every so often because i (stupidly) gave out my information in order to get a $500 h&m gift card. but this one was creepily personal, and don't text me at 1 am, please, nbcnewson6. thanks.

also, today is the first day of lent. last year, i gave up facebook. i've already done that this year--i was spending WAY too much time stalking--so i'm trying to figure out what i should cut out for the next six weeks. ice cream would be a good one...but could i do it?

and, in other news, the emails with special birthday offers are starting to roll in :) yippee!

1 comment:

  1. Would it "count" to give up all ice cream EXCEPT "Dreyers Grand chocolate peanut butter cup"? Its been on sale lately for $3.00 per carton (instead of the usual $7.00) and I am so addicted to it, I have been buying 2 at a time almost every week for the last few months (as much as my freezer will hold at a time)....I think something that amazing would be "illegal"..Gotta love and "hoard" it! Oy Vey!