Monday, February 11, 2013

ward talent show

tonight was our ward talent show. i haven't been to one of those for a couple semesters, and i forgot how thoroughly entertaining they are. some highlights: female roommates engaged in post-date breakdown, performed in true shakespearean fashion; a couple amazing hip-hop routines (one jazz-based, one tap-based); and, my personal favorite, one of those awesome upside-down-chin-singing acts, sung to a javert-valjean selection from les miserables. those things are always hilarious--bravo, dan and david.

i wanted to write about the talent show when i thought that a girl in our ward was going to get engaged right in front of our eyes. her roommates told her to come up on stage as their "special guest," then they went offstage for a second. instead of the roommates, though, her boyfriend came out, holding a guitar and wearing a tuxedo. oh man, we were thinking, this girl's getting engaged! he said some cute things to her and sang a really cute song, and all along we're like, this is leading to a proposal, right? i mean, if he doesn't propose at the end of this, i am going to be really bummed. and i was getting really anxious for her and a little teary because the song was pretty cute (although i think i would be horribly embarrassed/awkward in the same situation). the song ended...and it looked like he wanted to do something else.

but then they just stood up and kissed in front of all of us and that was it.

and we were like, huh? what just happened there?

so before the disappointment, when i still thought something awesome was going to happen, i was thinking to myself, this will be a sweet story for the blog, especially during love week. after the disappointment, i guess i still wanted to share it, since it still is a demonstration of love. and i'm sure someone else i know will get engaged this week :)

because it is love week, after all.


  1. He was going to propose, but she made an unknowing last-minute comment to her roommates (who were all in on it) that she didn't like public proposals. So they told him to just sing instead. But he proposed later that night after the talent show!!!

    Also, glad you liked our number... we had fun doing it!

  2. Ah awesome! I'm glad we weren't completely wrong in thinking something big could have happened :)