Wednesday, February 6, 2013

in winter

winter can be hard. you are mostly confined to the great indoors, since it is typically frigid cold outside, and there really isn't much to do inside that doesn't involve a couch and netflix. and hey, i love my couch and i love my netflix. but it can get old pretty fast.

sometimes winter makes you sad. sometimes winter makes you feel lonely. but that will pass, just like the cold always gives way to the beautiful warmth of spring and summer.

for me, fall is harder than winter. the long lazy summer days are still fresh in my memory, it keeps getting darker earlier, everyone's front doors start to stay closed. fall makes me sad. fall makes me feel lonely.

winter is crisp mornings. winter is my birthday. winter is sososososo close to spring. and we're almost there, people!

but in the meantime, let's not completely skip winter.

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