Thursday, February 21, 2013

truly random spewings about movies and dvd players

for my birthday, meredith bought me (at my pleading suggestion), a new dvd player, since ours, a relic from my belmont days, has been out of commission since the summer.

so, last night, i set up the new machine for to watch penelope, which was basically why i wanted her to get the dvd player on my birthday--i really wanted to watch that movie.

i love movies, but i don't think i'm a movie snob. i like art films--sometimes i'll want to go to a movie like that, but i know meredith would be so bored, so i just go by myself--but i also like some of those cheesy, fun, moralizing movies that aren't about to win any awards. ramona and beezus is one of those; penelope is another. (there are obviously some movies that i really, really don't like--last year's horrid depp-burton collab dark shadows comes to mind. and, i'll get flak for this, a walk to remember. can't stand that movie.)

but anyway, we watched penelope and i had forgotten how great it is. at one point i said, i actually really love this movie.

well, this became more random than i thought it would be. i guess mostly i'm excited to have a machine to watch dvds on besides my computer, which we had to hook up with a special cable borrowed from tyler and then i couldn't work on my computer and it was kind of a hassle. and this is all pretty insignificant, really. but, that's it for now.

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