Saturday, February 9, 2013

thoughts on saturday

i think my feet have shrunk over the past year or so. is that normal? i mean, it's not really a problem, but it's kind of weird, right?

who would have ever thought that i would watch, much less love, pretty little liars and the vampire diaries? i was a firm non-believer and facebooker-scorner. but, although they are pretty dumb sometimes, they are both actually pretty awesome, too. i mean, how do we still, after three seasons of pll, not know who A is (i've only seen up to the end of season 3 because hulu plus and abc family apparently don't like each other all that much)? and why is the vampire thing still happening, and i'm into it? and boone from lost is actually really hilarious and great?

i have a bunch of posts half-written because i haven't wanted to finish them because i know it's going to take a while. so...yeah.

this semester, all of my classes and work overlap. the things i'm learning about in my classes come up in my research, which is cool. too bad i can't really make a project out of all that, though.

it's almost valentine's day, which is one of my favorite holidays. more on that later.

i've used my all-sports pass more this year than i have any other year. men's volleyball=so awesome. have i said before that volleyball players have the most attractive physiques? they are tall and muscly, but not too muscly. anyway, that's all i have to say about that.

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